PFC/PFAS decontamination: Pioneer in process technology progress

PFC/PFAS decontamination: Pioneer in process technology progress

The process technology advantage in the decontamination of PFC/PFAS is reflected both in the results achieved with our still water samples and in the sustainable property that no bleeding has been proven to occur. Bleeding is a phenomenon in which certain parts and elements containing concentrates can continue to release PFC/PFAS even months after decontamination. What is particularly impressive about our results, however, is that we not only offer our customers the currently banned substances for decontamination, but can also remove all PFC/PFAS compounds that could potentially be covered by future bans. These include, in particular, FTS isomers, which are present in very high concentrations in many foam concentrates.
For many plant operators and managers, it is extremely difficult and complex to determine which measures are mandatory and which are not. Numerous incorrect cleaning recommendations for PFC/PFAS-contaminated surfaces can be found on the Internet. If these instructions are followed, PFC/PFAS compounds can penetrate so deeply into the micropores of the material and the container surface that this could be considered almost irreversible if our process were not in place.

Our decontamination process is even able to remove PFC/PFAS compounds from proven concrete surfaces and achieve contamination levels below the detection limit. Given the increased difficulties associated with PFC/PFAS decontamination, technical expertise is crucial. It is not for nothing that Germany’s automobile manufacturers trust our expertise.

Our expertise extends to a thorough knowledge of the chemical properties of PFC/PFAS compounds as well as a deep understanding of the process technology required for effective decontamination. We use the latest techniques and methods to ensure comprehensive and sustainable cleaning.
In addition, we offer our customers not only a solution to current problems, but also a forward-looking approach that takes potential future regulations and bans into account. Our research and development is geared towards always staying at the cutting edge of science and continuously improving our decontamination processes.
The complexity and challenges of dealing with PFC/PFAS contamination require a tailored approach and individual advice for each customer. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and provide customized solutions that decontaminate their facilities effectively and efficiently.

Our commitment to quality, efficiency and environmental sustainability is reflected in every step of our work. We are proud to contribute to protecting the environment and the safety of people and nature by using advanced technologies and best practices in PFC/PFAS decontamination.

For the efficiency analysis of PFAS, we use a process that has proven to be completely sustainable. The decontaminated area is exposed to deionized water (fully demineralized water) for a period of 12 hours. Deionized water is charge-neutral, which means that this medium absorbs all anions and cationic compounds. This effect means that the water functions almost like a detection magnet. After the 12-hour exposure period, a reserved sample is taken from this water, which is then analyzed in the laboratory and recorded in our extensive documentation.

Our research and development work aims not only to meet the current challenges of PFC/PFAS decontamination, but also to develop long-term solutions that meet constantly changing requirements. We invest in the further development of our technologies to ensure that they meet the highest standards while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Our experience and expertise spans across different industries and applications, enabling us to offer tailored solutions for a variety of situations. We understand the importance of taking a holistic view and considering both technical and regulatory aspects to provide our customers with a comprehensive service.
In addition, we place great emphasis on training and qualifying our staff to ensure they are familiar with the latest technologies and procedures and can always provide our customers with a first-class service.

Our partnerships with leading foam concentrate manufacturers allow us to stay at the cutting edge of science and benefit from the latest findings and developments in the field of PFC/PFAS decontamination.

Overall, we strive to provide our customers with innovative solutions that not only solve their current challenges, but also ensure long-term success and a positive impact on the environment.

In order to receive a quote, please send us some pictures of your tank installation and the periphery carrying the concentrate, together with the latest PFC/PFAS analysis of the concentrate and the PreMix. Based on this information, we will then prepare your individual offer. It is important to note that we make a fundamental distinction between concentrate-contaminated media and PreMix (water-foam mixture). In accordance with the principle of concern for potential environmental contamination, we primarily prioritize the treatment or replacement of the concentrate. The PreMix will be assessed separately and you will be advised of an appropriate course of action.
All relevant health and safety risks are also explained in detail in our quotations. Once the decontamination has been successfully carried out, we fill your plant and are the only provider liable for our work.

Our performance liability extends not only to the effective decontamination of your facility, but also to the long-term sustainability of our measures. We guarantee that the work we carry out meets the highest standards in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. This means that we not only offer short-term solutions, but also ensure that the environmental impact is minimized in the long term.
In terms of the sustainability of our performance, you can trust that we use environmentally friendly methods and materials to carry out the decontamination. We attach great importance to the fact that the processes and chemicals we use do not have a long-term negative impact on the environment. In addition, when selecting our methods and materials, we take the life cycle approach into account to ensure that our solutions are not only effective, but also conserve resources.
We are also committed to providing our customers with comprehensive information about the long-term effects of our decontamination measures. We provide clear recommendations for the operation and maintenance of the facility to ensure that the decontamination levels achieved can be maintained in the long term and that no further contamination occurs.
Should problems nevertheless arise or our services do not meet the agreed standards, we fully accept our responsibility and are prepared to take appropriate measures to correct the situation. We understand the importance of transparent and responsible performance liability, particularly with regard to environmental protection and sustainability, and strive to provide our customers with first-class service at all times.

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