Atex work

The highly qualified technical team at NT Service GmbH offers expert testing and certification services in accordance with the ATEX guidelines for your equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres in Europe.

ATEX work in accordance with TRGS and BGR

We can test and certify your systems for potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with European standards as a notified body as defined by the ATEX guideline.

We are the only certified specialist company to carry out ATEX work safely using industrial climbing equipment and heavy breathing protection, for example in the petrochemical industry, the food processing industry, mining and the steel industry.

The use of specifically trained personnel is just as important as safe work organisation and execution control.

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About the ATEX Directive

If you are a manufacturer of electronic equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres and intend to sell your products in the European Union, they must comply with the ATEX Directive.

The ATEX Product Directive, also known as European Directive 94/9/EC, ensures the free and unhindered movement of goods within the EU by standardising conformity procedures.

Directive ATEX 137 serves to improve the health and safety of employees who have to work in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The essential safety requirements under ATEX 137 include

Avoiding possible ignition sources

the restriction of a potentially explosive atmosphere

limiting the effects of possible explosions to a harmless level.

EX substances in silo and tank facilities

Zone 20-22
Wood dust
Metal dust
Iso- und syndiotaktische Polymere
Lignite and hard coal dust
Zone 0-2
Flammable and volatile solvents
Chlorinated and aliphatic solvents
Entstehungsgefahr von ATEX-Zonen
Cleaning agents
Adhesives and coating materials

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