Vacuum suction technology

With this innovative method, we effortlessly remove dirt, deposits and residues from your systems without having to carry out time-consuming dismantling work.

Our vacuum suction technology is efficient, gentle and environmentally friendly – and ensures that your tanks and silos are sparkling clean.

Vacuum suction technology - Inexpensive and effective

Thanks to the latest vacuum suction technology, we are able to vacuum silo and tank systems economically and remove raw material bridges and blockages. In contrast to other methods, the suction trailer transports the raw material directly into the appropriate containers.

By eliminating long downtimes for silo and tank vehicles, our customers save between 1,000 and 3,500 euros per day of use, depending on the raw material.

With a suction capacity of up to 20 tons per hour, this innovative vacuum technology is unrivalled on the market. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we are able to pick up and transfer even low-molar, bipolar, hygroscopic and pressure-compressing dusts without any problems.

Even explosive dusts of ATEX category 3D 20-21 are safely collected with this technology. We combine vacuum suction technology with tank and silo climbing. Together with the waste disposal service provider, we can eliminate your silo malfunctions at an early stage, remove raw material bridges, pick up material caking and clean pipelines sustainably.

Your advantages with NT Services

NT Services offers a variety of benefits for customers who require extensive industrial cleaning.

Areas of application

Organic and inorganic bulk solids and silo contents tend to exhibit particular fault patterns. These include, for example, caking on inner wall surfaces, raw material bridges (fully and partially closed) and stuck raw materials in the high fill level range, which can be pierced or vacuum-suctioned using various methods and working practices.


The suction technology we use has a mobile intermediate storage unit that can transfer the bulk material in parallel into appropriate containers (waste or landfill containers, big packs, octabins or silo systems). A cost-intensive suction or silo vehicle is therefore no longer required for small tonnages.

Save costs

Do you want to save costs effectively and sustainably as a customer? Simply give us a call so that we can provide you with a quote that includes all fixed and ancillary costs. We can offer you two economically interesting alternatives: an order flat rate, i.e. a fixed amount for the entire order processing, or a daily flat rate.

Suitable for...

Our new vacuum suction technology can be used to clean silos and remove interference from bulk material storage tanks for the following dusts:

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