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Discover the powerful cleaning method for tanks and silos: blast cleaning. With our innovative approach, we efficiently remove even the most stubborn deposits and residues to revitalize your systems.

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As a specialist blasting company with outstanding expertise in rope technology, we specialize in silo systems / bulk storage facilities. Specialization is always necessary when indirect hazards require dynamic expertise.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know that blasting measures can be placed very precisely without causing damage to the silo system or causing negative structural restrictions/impacts.
No blasting is carried out on instinct, but is subject to sober, analytical preliminary planning and calculation.

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Gentle blast cleaning

As a specialist blasting company specializing in “blast cleaning”, we are able to place very precise charges to achieve the following:

Blast cleaning for silo systems and bulk storage facilities

Blast cleaning, i.e. silo cleaning using blasting technology, is a supplementary technology to conventional silo cleaning methods. Our access technicians/workers at height are specialists in rope access technology and know exactly how to gain safe access to a silo facility.

Our application technology is versatile and can be used in the following types of facilities:

Blasting without a borehole is hardly functional

In order to carry out blasting cleaning as effectively and as gently as possible, it is particularly important to place the explosive charge in holes prepared for this purpose and to compact it. Without this procedure, it is called a support blasting, the explosive is simply placed on the material to be blasted and detonated. With a support blasting, you need about 4 times more explosive than with a borehole blasting.

In addition, with a support blasting, the compacted surface cracks and breaks into large chunks. There is no sign of any shattering after this blasting. For this reason, it is crucial for us to carry out effective borehole blasting with very little detonation material.

The advantages of a borehole blasting are:


Blast cleaning significantly reduces the costs of a silo damage or emergency measure. The rope access technicians no longer have to use jackhammers or pickaxes on the silo blockage, but can remove the material blockage quickly and gently using blasting technology. This naturally also means a considerable increase in safety for the personnel deployed.

We can significantly reduce physical fatigue and a considerable drop in performance by using blasting technology. Ultimately, this also brings considerable benefits for everyone involved in terms of occupational health and working methods.

Our blast cleaning technology has already been used in many types of plant:

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