Our company

Certified qualifications, modern technology, competent employees and a well-structured, innovative company concept characterize NT Service GmbH.

Each order situation is analyzed anew and each order is completed professionally according to the customer’s wishes, with protection and security being the top priority.

Our certificates - a sign of our quality standards

Our team includes master building cleaners, technical specialists and supervising rope access technicians as well as qualified specialist personnel for gas warning devices I and II.

We also have qualifications and certificates in the fields of industrial climbing, chemical application and process engineering, state-certified disinfector, expert assessor for material damage, instruction in breathing apparatus and gas detectors.

We offer sophisticated silo and tank cleaning for industrial customers in all sectors. The work sites are usually particularly difficult to access, narrow facilities with often high levels of pollutants.

A highly trained, qualified team, the appropriate climbing technology and modern equipment offer protection and the best results for the customer.

This is what our company stands for

NT Services offers a variety of benefits for customers who require extensive industrial cleaning.

Safe and secure

Competence and professional experience as well as state-of-the-art technology and equipment, not just protective suits and masks, guarantee compliance with all safety regulations. Master craftsmen and technicians supervise the cleaning and maintenance work.

Environmental protection

As every tank and silo operator is legally liable for soil and groundwater damage caused by leaking oil or organic contaminants, they should not only protect the environment but also their own company with an effective tank protection system.

Social commitment

As a company that practices safety, accident prevention and environmental protection, taking responsibility is important to us. That is why we provide financial and practical support to organizations that help people, animals and the environment in the event of accidents and disasters.

What our company offers you

Core competence


Our company has set out to set new standards in the cleaning, maintenance, repair and assembly of silos, tanks and containers.

Customer base

Our customers include renowned companies in the chemical, food and plastics industries as well as in agriculture and water management.


With certified qualifications, state-of-the-art technology and highly motivated employees, we offer industrial customers complex problem solutions from a single source.

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