Discover the future of silo cleaning: Efficient, safe and revolutionary!

Discover the future of silo cleaning: Efficient, safe and revolutionary!

Discover the revolutionary technology of technical blast cleaning! Our aim, as you can clearly see in our impressive video, is to dissolve even the most stubborn blockages in silos. With our innovative process, we can effortlessly remove even the most complex deposits of granulated blast furnace slag and carbon black, which have compacted into a rock-hard, stereocopic mass during the production process.
Our method is based on sound scientific principles:

  • Shock wave physics:
  • By generating shock waves, an immense amount of energy is transferred to the silo material. These shock waves penetrate the bulk material at an incredible speed, breaking up any clumps, solidification and deposits that have formed on the silo walls. The resulting high energy enables lightning-fast and extremely efficient cleaning.
  • Material physics:
  • We fully understand the complex structure of bulk materials. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of factors such as grain size, particle shape and moisture content, we can make optimum use of the physical properties of the material to loosen even the most stubborn deposits without damaging the material or the silo structure.
  • Efficiency and time savings:
  • Compared to traditional cleaning methods such as using water jets or mechanical scrapers, our blast cleaning technology offers unbeatable speed and efficiency. We require less manpower and can clean even large silos in the shortest possible time, saving you considerable time and money.
  • Safety:
  • Despite first impressions, our modern blasting techniques offer maximum safety. Precise explosive charges and advanced monitoring systems minimize potential risks. In addition, our method significantly reduces the risk of industrial accidents, which protects your employees and your company.

Overall, scientific findings show that our blast cleaning in bulk solids is the most efficient, safest and time-saving method for cleaning silo systems. Rely on us to clean your systems optimally and keep your operations running smoothly and effectively!

Technical blast cleaning in bulk solids offers an unbeatable combination of efficiency and safety. With our innovative method, even the toughest closures in silos can be removed quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest safety standards. Our technology saves time, reduces costs and minimizes the risk of industrial accidents. Rely on us to clean your silos reliably and effectively without compromising on safety.

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