Good qualifications make the difference between happiness and unhappiness in a company!

The qualifications of our employees

The market success of a company depends first and foremost on employees who can concentrate fully on their work thanks to their professional experience and qualifications.

Good qualifications make the difference between good and bad luck in a company!

The total number of accidents at work in the silo storage industry fell by 8.4% to 68,064 incidents in 2019 compared to the previous year, according to social insurance figures. In contrast, the number of fatalities increased. According to reporting statistics, 132 people died in accidents in the green sector last year. In 2018, 125 accident fatalities were counted.

State-certified food technician
Workflow instruction in various safety techniques for industrial plants
Dräger chemical protection suits practical training
State-certified disinfector
Breathing apparatus carrier I and II
Foreign gas clearance measurements of containers and confined spaces
Building cleaning master
Qualified specialist personnel Gas warning devices I and II
CSE training: Rescue from containers and confined spaces
CSE training: Supervising technician
Instruction on breathing apparatus in accordance with BGR/GUV-R 190
Corrosion protection certificate from Sika
Specialist company according to § 19 WHG, TÜV Nord
Certification for work under SCBA
Concrete protection certificate from Caparol
Chemical application and process engineering
Testing of compressed air devices and breathing air regeneration devices
Specialist knowledge
FISAT Level 3: Supervising rope access technician
Testing of compressed air devices and breathing air regeneration devices
Ausbildung in engen Räumen
ISO certification for biological and chemical decontamination work
Dräger XPlore and Workmaster qualification
REFA Auditor
Offshore qualifications
GWO training
Bootsanlegestelle & Crew-Transfer
Expert examination TÜV wind turbines: technology / economy / law
HUET training
Electrically trained person
Wind turbine inspector (TÜV). Professional condition inspection, maintenance coordination and damage prevention
First Aider Offshore Basic
Specialist lecturer for occupational safety in areas where there is a risk of falling

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