Efficient silo cleaning with intelligent blasting technology: The solution for material blockages in the silo outlet area

Efficient silo cleaning with intelligent blasting technology: The solution for material blockages in the silo outlet area

Removing a silo blockade using “intelligent blasting” as a special operation with electric ignition
When blasting work is reported, many readers think of collapsing bridges or residential buildings that are razed to the ground in a matter of seconds. When it comes to solving a material blockage in a storage silo, few people would think of using explosives. A silo is an enclosed space and the assumption is that a blast inside the silo will result in an explosion or damage to the entire facility. However, it is actually possible to remove a material blockage by targeted blasting.

How does that work?

Our experts at NT Service GmbH have the know-how and the technical capabilities to carry out “intelligent blasting” successfully and without damaging the silo or the environment. Read how this is possible and follow the pictures to the text.

Fig. 1 – Full closure of silo outlet hopper completely released with blasting technology

What was our mission?

A company in the filter dust disposal sector reported massive silo compaction and blockages in their plant. We were commissioned to break up the blockage and remove the silo compaction. Our task was to break up the heavily clumped material so that it could then be extracted. It goes without saying that there must be no increased pressure in the silo during the work, nor should there be any damage to the silo walls.

Fig. 2 – Marking the safety area

How did our experts prepare for the mission?

The basis for the use of explosives is a comprehensive risk assessment. This is carried out by the NT Service team leader Special services:On one day of work, we were able to remove the entire discharge closure, whereby the plant operator is normally faced with extensive manual emptying with industrial climbers. Our efficient blasting technology enabled us to carry out these measures in the shortest possible time and to the complete satisfaction of our customer. The results achieved exceeded expectations and show that our references in the field of silo demolition are convincing.

As is essential for every operation, a safety concept is drawn up in the second step and then documented by the team leader.

The concept includes:

  • Access to the silo system using rope access technology
  • Safe maneuvering within the silo system by access technicians
  • Properly drilled holes for the explosive charges at the correct distance from each other
  • Timely and orderly exit from the silo facility
  • Safety and rescue measures for all conceivable incidents during the operation

Only when the comprehensive safety concept has been drawn up, discussed and documented can the actual work begin.

Fig. 3 – Operations team leader during the access inspection

What is regulated by the DGUV information on the application of Spreng TR 310?
The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) provides guidance for authorized blasters and companies on the implementation of blasting work in the form of the application instructions for Blasting TR 310. The most important aim is to prevent accidents at work and work-related health hazards. In addition, application and practical examples are explained in detail.

Furthermore, the application instructions serve to ensure that the technical regulations of explosives legislation are properly complied with. You can find detailed information on the application instructions for Spreng TR 310 of the DGUV here: [insert link to DGUV website]

How was the operation carried out in the silo plant?

Our specialists entered the silo using rope access technology that has been tried and tested more than a thousand times in practice (see pictures). With the current cooler outside temperatures, wearing full protective equipment is no problem for the well-trained employees. The decisive factors for the

Preparation of the blasting these factors:

  • Drilling system with perfectly pre-calculated position of the individual holes for the explosive and its compaction – Selection of the appropriate explosive and ignition type
  • Earth fault and resistance measurement of the electric detonators as charge variables

Every step is calculated in advance and is carried out precisely by the employees inside the silo. All activities were carried out strictly in accordance with the specifications of the exemplary safety concept.

The interior of the silo was left by the team’s technicians. The blasting master then carried out the combination blasting with 18 detonated charges at intervals of 20 milliseconds. This blast succeeded in breaking up the silo blockage and efficiently shredding the material. The silo wall was not subjected to increased pressure during the process. Proof of this was provided by the vibration measurement carried out simultaneously with the blasting on the inner walls of the silo system. Our job has been successfully completed. Both our team and the operator of the silo facility were delighted with the results.

Fig. 4 – Blasting signal via signal horn by blasting technician


With “intelligent blasting technology”, material bridges can be dissolved in silo systems, compacted contents loosened up and hazardous areas removed. All this is done without compromising the structural safety of the silo system. A comprehensive risk assessment and a consistent, exemplary safety concept are crucial here. Both can only be implemented by professionals with decades of experience and expertise.

NT Service GmbH has established itself as a trustworthy partner for silo cleaning and blasting technology. Well-known companies from a wide range of industries trust our expertise and rely on our solutions. Our specialists not only master the techniques of intelligent blasting, but are also familiar with the current safety regulations and standards.

Silo cleaning using intelligent blasting technology offers numerous advantages. Through targeted blasting, material blockages can be effectively removed and compacted contents loosened up without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the silo. This enables a smooth and efficient resumption of operations.

Our company attaches great importance to safety. A comprehensive risk assessment is carried out before every operation and a detailed safety concept is drawn up. Our experts work in accordance with the requirements of the DGUV and conscientiously implement the application instructions for Spreng TR 310. In this way, we ensure the protection of our employees, the environment and the facilities.

The success of our intelligent blasting technology speaks for itself. Material bridges are reliably dissolved, compacted contents are effectively loosened and hazardous areas are removed. Our customers can rely on a fast and sustainable solution to their silo compaction problems.
NT Service GmbH stands for quality, expertise and reliability. Our team of experienced experts ensures that your silo systems function optimally and production downtimes are minimized. We offer tailor-made solutions for every challenge and support you in optimizing your operational processes.

Fig. 5 – Silo blockage of the discharge hopper Image taken through side opening

You too can rely on the expertise of NT Service GmbH and get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements. We are at your side with our know-how and our modern technology to efficiently remove your silo blockages and keep your production processes running smoothly.

Write to us for more information and take a look at our references from well-known companies that have already benefited from our services.

NT Service GmbH – your competent partner for silo cleaning and intelligent blasting technology.

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