Silo cleaning in conjunction with blasting work

Silo cleaning in conjunction with blasting work

This project report describes the use of blasting technology in silo cleaning or during silo cleaning

Blast cleaning is a special and extremely efficient alternative for reliable emptying and silo cleaning of coal-fired power plants, waste incineration plants or chemical plants. Your plant is reliably freed of dust, dirt and product deposits by the pressure wave triggered by the blasting. Stubborn chunks of material are broken up by targeted blasting and made suitable for extraction.

When handling explosives, experience, know-how and careful handling are particularly important. The blasting itself can be carried out during a temporary shutdown, but also during normal operation in order to reliably avoid production downtime.

In this special project case, it is a 10,000 tonne raw stone deposit. If reliable material discharge cannot be guaranteed in such massive silo systems, our experience is required.

The execution of silo cleaning in conjunction with explosives technology and rope access technology according to CSE involves many risks that must be estimated and specifically identified in advance.

No problem is so big that it takes precedence over occupational safety and health. This principle has been our guiding principle and credo since the company was founded, and we all live by it.

Combining silo cleaning with blasting cleaning is only a good idea if alternative technologies cannot be implemented in practice. In CSE and hard-to-reach areas, alternative implementation is difficult or even impossible.

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