Silo cleaning with blasting technology

Silo cleaning with blasting technology

Blasting for silo cleaning

We repeatedly blasted a raw stone silo with our specialized operations team.

Specializing in silo access technology, our teams are outstanding specialists for the industry. The process technology we use allows us to make a high safety promise to our customers, which we are happy to fulfill at all times.

With the addition of targeted explosive charges, we were able to crush raw stone chunks of a good 2×2 meters so that they could be taken out through the stationary discharge path.
The addition of various officially regulated explosives also allows us to use them as intended in silo systems.

Targeted dosed charges, calculated in detail in advance by our blasting master, are detonated in raw material layers, adhesions and cornices.

We use rope technology and rope access techniques to gain access to these usually hard-to-reach, indisposed locations. Holes have to be drilled and the terrain has to be precisely surveyed and documented in advance.

Practice-oriented rescue plans are drawn up and tested in advance. Nothing can be allowed to happen unexpectedly; everything is recorded, evaluated and approved in our risk assessment, tool box talk and risk analysis.

In this way, we guarantee our customers a safe performance regardless of the requirements. Thanks to our regular training and further education, we have the right specialists for every task.

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