PFAS – The invisible danger in our environment

PFAS – The invisible danger in our environment

The decontamination of PFC/PFAS contaminants in fire extinguishing and sprinkler control centers requires strict compliance with legal limits. PFC/PFAS compounds are organofluorine compounds that are produced artificially and only degrade slowly in nature.
They are mainly used in extinguishing foam and can pollute groundwater and the environment. The health effects on the human body are a cause for concern, as these compounds are classified as carcinogenic. Extreme caution is therefore required when decontaminating such facilities.

When decontaminating PFC/PFAS foam agent tank systems in sprinkler systems, there is a risk of contamination being carried over, especially if highly contaminated areas come into contact with less contaminated system parts and segments. This can lead to the quality requirements that apply to the PFC/PFAS decontamination of the system not being met, thus posing a risk to the health of the people carrying out the work and to the environment. To avoid this, it is important that cleaning is carried out carefully and that the affected areas are properly isolated to prevent contamination.

NT Service GmbH was commissioned to decontaminate a fire extinguishing/sprinkler control center, including piping, fittings, floor and tank surfaces. Our specialists carried out the operation under the supervision of an expert and surveyor, wearing protective clothing. The plant was visually and chemically cleaned before an analysis was carried out to determine the remaining PFC/PFAS levels.

The good news is that we are now able to carry out the decontamination of PFC/PFAS so precisely that we can achieve a reduction to below 1ug PFOA from initial levels of over 1000ug PFOA. This is a great success in terms of protecting people and the environment. We can also achieve comparable results in the decontamination of other legally regulated substances such as PFAS. Through continuous research and development of new technologies, decontamination technology is constantly being improved so that we can work even more effectively and precisely in the future.

When carrying out physically strenuous activities or working with certain materials or substances, it is particularly important to protect the health of the person carrying out the work. It is particularly important to avoid injuries and illnesses caused by accidents, overexertion, heat, cold, noise, dust, chemicals or other sources of danger. Compliance with occupational health and safety measures, such as wearing protective clothing and equipment, taking regular breaks, ergonomic workstations or reducing noise and pollutant emissions, can help to protect the health of the person carrying out the work and prevent the development of occupational illnesses. In addition, employers should offer regular training and education on accident and injury prevention to raise awareness of occupational health and safety.

Small quantities were only recorded and quantified in the laboratory. In this context, NT Service GmbH does not speak of plant cleaning, but of decontamination or laboratory cleaning.

As specialists in PFC plant decontamination, we can offer our customers a safe and professional service. We have been operating successfully throughout Germany for more than 8 years and use our expertise and experience to ensure effective and reliable decontamination. We always ensure compliance with all relevant legal regulations and requirements.

The legal relevance of the successful decontamination of PFOA and other PFAS substances lies in compliance with statutory regulations. PFOA and PFAS are considered environmentally hazardous substances and their use is strictly regulated in many countries. Contamination of soil, water or other environmental media can lead to considerable ecological damage and is therefore a violation of environmental protection legislation.

In addition, contamination of products or materials with PFOA and other PFAS can also pose a threat to human health and is therefore a violation of health and safety regulations. By successfully decontaminating PFOA and other PFAS, companies can ensure that they comply with legal requirements and thus avoid potential penalties or claims for damages.

If you are facing PFAS issues, you have come to the right place. Our experts are on hand to help you comply with the law. We not only offer initial consultations over the phone, but also support you in the preparation of technical statements. Our teams have already successfully completed numerous projects, including well-known DAX companies.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find a customized solution for your PFAS problem.

Yours sincerely

Matthias Natusch

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