PFOA / PFOS Foam concentrate decontamination Foam concentrate tank

PFOA / PFOS Foam concentrate decontamination Foam concentrate tank

Foam concentrate decontamination PFOA/PFOS Decontamination of various foam concentrate tank systems, foam concentrate lines, Firedos equipment and Primex access points. The decontamination process offered by our company complies with the current and expected limit values and is in the lower 10ug/kg range. The decontamination of various systems with increased limit values is of crucial importance for the system operator if he wants to avoid subsequent environmental damage caused by the extinguishing water. Many plant operators are unfamiliar with this topic and comprehensive advice is required before any measures are taken.

For PFOA, an EU-wide restriction on the manufacture, marketing, import and use of PFOA, salts and precursor compounds will come into force on July 4, 2020 (Regulation (EU) 2017/1000). Decontamination of various systems is always necessary before they are refilled with new foam concentrate. Decontamination is not about silo cleaning or cleaning a tank system. Cleaning is done quickly and easily with technical assistance.

However, if we are talking about limit values below 20 ug/kg and outgoing measured values are exceeded by a factor of a thousand, quantitative and qualitative decontamination of these systems is absolutely essential. With our technical procedure, we have already reliably served well-known companies of all sizes in Germany. For this reason, our company is also recommended by the foam compound manufacturer Sthamer. We will be happy to send you a reference extract if you have a specific requirement. Our company has been operating in this segment with outstanding success since 2015.

We support our customers with disposal issues and questions about refilling their foam concentrate tank system. We also provide our implementation and consulting services for planning offices. We advise you with comprehensive expertise on all aspects of PFOA/S decontamination and foam agent tank refilling.

As a master company for silo cleaning, we have the necessary expertise for safe tank inspection, assessment and decontamination. The entire decontamination process is documented by our expert assessor. After successful completion of the project, our customers receive a decontamination certificate.

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