Professional application of expert knowledge: Decontamination of foam agent tanks with PFC/PFAS residues

Professional application of expert knowledge: Decontamination of foam agent tanks with PFC/PFAS residues

Expert knowledge in action – proper and environmentally friendly decontamination of foam agent tanks containing PFC/PFAS

Operators of foam-based extinguishing systems with the associated tanks are directly affected by the PFC/PFAS ban regulations. The permissible limit values have been reduced to such an extent that many experts recommend only the demolition and new construction of such systems. The question of whether foaming agent-specific tanks can be decontaminated without leaving residues can be answered with a clear “yes”. But how is it possible to carry out proper and environmentally friendly cleaning of decontaminated tanks in accordance with current regulations?

NT Service GmbH is your competent partner for the decontamination of foam agent tanks containing PFC/PFAS. Our experts have been working in this specialist field since 2014 and have put all EU amendments to the ban into practice in the past.

What is our many years of experience based on?

NT Service GmbH has numerous expert reports that verifiably prove residue-free decontamination. External laboratory analyses after decontamination play a decisive role in confirming the effectiveness of the process. Our extensively trained specialists follow the latest developments in legislation and ensure that plant operators are fully and correctly informed. We also keep an eye on PFC substances that have not yet been banned, as a ban is also expected here in the future.

What can you rely on from NT Service GmbH?

Our experienced team consists of trained specialists who have specialized in the specific requirements of decontaminating foam agent tanks containing PFC/PFAS. We have the necessary know-how and practical experience to clean your system thoroughly and efficiently. In doing so, we ensure that all applicable regulations and guidelines are complied with.

Our services include not only the decontamination itself, but also the analysis of foam concentrate samples. We work closely with external laboratories to carry out a precise analysis of the samples. This provides you with reliable and robust data on the level of contamination in your tank system. Once the data has been analyzed, NT Service GmbH assumes responsibility for the careful and environmentally friendly cleaning of your tank system.

What can NT Service GmbH do for you?

NT Service GmbH offers empirically verifiable decontamination designs that achieve outstanding results. For example, we have been able to detect residues of 200 to 400 μg in GRP tanks, PE tanks and fittings, with an initial value of over 1000 μg. Our methods ensure thorough and environmentally friendly decontamination of your tank system.

We take care of the careful cleaning of your tank system in order to meet legal requirements and ecological standards. As the plant operator, you are responsible for complying with the relevant regulations in order to prevent any possible contamination of the environment.

In addition, we work closely with the relevant authorities and can provide you with contact points where you can obtain further support. We are on hand to ensure that your tank system is clean in accordance with legal requirements.

Has your sprinkler company or foam manufacturer informed you that your foam concentrate is no longer permitted?

It is best to contact us immediately and let our experts advise you free of charge and without obligation. We will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you. If you wish, our experts can also visit you directly on site. We will provide you with a customized solution that is precisely tailored to the individual needs of your company.

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