Effective mold removal with rope access technology and special vacuum ATEX vacuum cleaner

Effective mold removal with rope access technology and special vacuum ATEX vacuum cleaner

Today we would like to tell you about an interesting service provided by our company, NT Service GmbH. Our company specializes in rope access technology and uses it to carry out various survey processes. As part of one of our projects, we discovered toxic mold deposits on organic bulk material at a customer’s site. Thanks to our special vacuum ATEX vacuum cleaner, which has constructive explosion protection equipment, we were able to successfully solve the problem.

To find out more about our approach and the difficulties that can arise when carrying out such projects, please read on.

Rope access technology for mold removal

Mold can be a serious problem in various environments, especially in food and pharmaceutical industries. Removing mold from organic material requires specialized knowledge and skills. Our experienced rope access technicians specialize in mold removal and are able to tackle difficult tasks due to their training and experience.

As part of one of our projects, toxic mold deposits were discovered on organic bulk material at a customer’s site. Removing the mold was extremely important to protect the health of the client’s employees and to ensure that the surrounding area remained free of contamination. Our team of rope access technicians were well equipped for the task and were able to solve the problem quickly and safely.

Special vacuum ATEX suction cup with constructive explosion protection

A special ATEX vacuum cleaner was used to remove the mold, which is equipped with explosion protection. ATEX stands for “ATmosphères EXplosibles” and refers to equipment that can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. In such an area, an explosion can occur if a certain concentration of flammable substances and air is present and an ignition source, such as an electrical spark or a hot surface, occurs.

The vacuum ATEX suction cup we use is specially designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and has constructive explosion protection equipment to ensure that no explosions can occur. This vacuum is also very effective at removing mold from organic materials and was therefore the ideal choice for this project.

Occupational health and safety and safety documentation

When carrying out projects in explosive environments, such as this project, occupational health and safety is of paramount importance. Our operations team is specifically trained in the food sector and therefore has extensive knowledge of handling toxic materials.

To ensure the safety of our employees, we have prepared extensive safety documentation, such as work instructions, operating manuals and risk assessments. This documentation is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that our employees are always up to date with the latest technology and work is carried out safely.

One of the biggest challenges when carrying out projects in explosive environments is exposure to mold spores and other hazardous particles. To overcome this challenge, our operations team has special protective equipment and procedures, such as respirators and air monitoring systems, to ensure that employees are always safe and protected.


Overall, this project was a successful demonstration of our capabilities and commitment to safety and occupational health and safety. The use of rope access technology and our special vacuum ATEX suction device has enabled us to safely and effectively remove toxic mold on organic materials.

Our extensive safety documentation and training of our employees ensure that all health and safety regulations are complied with and that our employees can always work safely. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the confidence that we can solve their problems safely and reliably.

If you require any further information about our rope access services or have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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