Silo cleaning and inspection at the largest spice manufacturer

Silo cleaning and inspection at the largest spice manufacturer

Recurring silo cleaning and silo inspections are very important in the food industry.

The aim of silo cleaning is to gently remove adhesions and production and storage residues. This is done for reasons of hygiene and to safeguard production. The resulting silo inspection is particularly important for the plant operator.

This is the only way for the plant operator to obtain a comprehensive overview of the current status of his silo plant. When does the plant operator ever get the opportunity to view his silo plant from the inside? With high-resolution images and video material, we offer the possibility of a complete and comprehensible inspection of the inside of the silo, including a live stream. While our operations team is on and in the silo, the contractor has the opportunity to join our helmet camera via livestream and follow the work down to the smallest detail.

Damaged areas or unfavorable bulk material passages can thus be detected and identified. For the plant operator, this is an additional benefit to standardized silo cleaning.

Bulk material systems in the food industry are difficult to monitor down to the last detail. One reason for this is the inaccessibility of the systems. The type of system shown in this picture can only be entered with suitable rescue and access equipment. Due to the confined space in this cell, a routine rescue position must be guaranteed in all cases.

Simple entry systems usually fail due to the rescue speed and lack of safety functions. A recurring hygiene check is contractually agreed for the above-mentioned bulk goods cell and guarantees our customers comprehensive and reliable monitoring.

Experienced experts are available to our customers. We are the only company in Germany that employs state-certified food technicians for rope-supported hygiene inspections.

This combination enables us to issue our customers with meaningful hygiene certificates that clearly confirm the flawless condition of their bulk goods system.

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