Silo cleaning and silo inspection Food raw material storage Bulk storage

Silo cleaning and silo inspection Food raw material storage Bulk storage

Seamless and hygienic storage is essential for food raw material storage companies. Silo systems that are used to store raw materials as bulk goods and liquids must be regularly inspected and cleaned. In this way, the system operator guarantees a flawless and consistent quality standard.

Silo inspection and cleaning is a major problem for most plant operators / food processing companies, as access to the silos is usually only possible with highly sophisticated technologies. For this reason, outsourcing this activity to specialized companies is the legally safest and easiest way for the plant operator.

In silo systems and bulk storage facilities, build-up and mold formation often occur, and insect infestation / storage pests are also possible or occur. For this reason, regular silo inspections are highly recommended from a QM perspective.

The price is important for every plant operator, and here we rely on an honest calculation and comprehensible prices. However, it is also understandable for our customers that our highly-specialized emergency personnel must be well paid for this strenuous and dangerous job. After all, nobody with these high-quality qualifications does this work for pocket money. For this reason, we focus on transparent quotations so that the customer can understand the pricing at all times.

We only use professional teams for silo cleaning, silo revision and inspection. Our teams actually consist of state-certified food technicians, food technologists and state-certified disinfectors and pest controllers who have CSE training in access technology and have also been trained as height rescuers. With this powerful and extremely technically skilled team, we are a blessing for food processing plant operators. For this reason, we also give new customers the opportunity to check our performance in our informative references.
If we receive an inquiry from a customer, we are able to prepare a comprehensive quotation within one day without having to carry out an inspection in advance. As we work exclusively in the silo sector, we can categorize and price every silo and every problem on the basis of pictures.

You can recognize the specialist by the absence of an inspection.

Every silo cleaning in the food sector is documented by our expert surveyor or food technician. After completion, our customers receive a certificate, which can also be used for subsequent audits.

We look forward to receiving your inquiry and to smooth order processing.

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