Silo cleaning, fumigation and repair of a large-capacity silo used for agricultural purposes

Silo cleaning, fumigation and repair of a large-capacity silo used for agricultural purposes

Silo cleaning, repair and fumigation of a large-capacity agricultural silo system

On 02.10.2020, we carried out an extensive silo interior cleaning, repair and fumigation for a large agricultural trading company. The work was carried out on a large silo, which is normally difficult to work on due to its width and inaccessible height. Our client felt compelled to clean the silo because it had detected grain weevils during its regular QM inspection.

For this reason, the company contacted various service providers. The search for a suitable service provider proved difficult for our client. According to our customer, there are many companies on the market, but very few seem to have comprehensively and professionally trained staff.

A large-capacity silo facility is a silo and therefore a confined space facility in which certain access requirements are regulated by law. Wet cleaning was not an option for our customer, as the silo floor is made of tried and tested concrete. However, as the concrete surface is only a foundation surface, it is water-absorbent and difficult to dry afterwards. The concrete surfaces in large-capacity silo facilities are very porous and tend to absorb more water, which makes the entire work process extremely difficult.

For this reason, wet cleaning is associated with considerable additional costs. However, the need for wet cleaning is very rare and is only recommended for biological problems. Our customer did not want to adhere to long and extensive drying times. For this reason, we recommended a dry cleaning option that is quick and inexpensive to use. In addition, we were able to offer our customer silo restoration, i.e. sealing work and silo gassing. So, as they say, everything from a single source.

Dry silo cleaning, silo repair, silo gassing – the entire job took around 8 hours. The customer was then able to refill his silo system without further delay.

Thanks to the silo access technology used by our company, almost every point in the silo can be reached without any problems. The access procedure is unrestricted and unconditionally safe for our trained technicians. Carrying out silo cleaning with an inspection or repair measure without the use of scaffolding or similar cost-intensive aids is a valuable investment for our customers.

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