Silo cleaning of a cement silo

Work report from Team Leader South. Just in time for the weekend, we successfully completed our last assignment for this week. We were working on a cement silo where our team had to carry out an inspection after cleaning the silo. Inspections of this kind are very important for our customers and provide reproducible findings on the condition of the silo.

As usual, the cleaning was carried out smoothly and with the usual speed. We removed approx. 50 cm thick deposits of cement and some fly ash from the inside wall of the silo. However, after cleaning during the inspection, we noticed that the silo wall had a few holes in the lower area between the silo wall and the cone.

So it’s no wonder that we found much thicker deposits in this area. Fortunately, we were able to remove them completely through the screw conveyor. The damaged areas now had to be repaired quickly and, if possible, during this period of operation. We always have our EWM TIG/MAG welding machine ready for use for this type of job.

An inspection is also carried out as part of the silo cleaning process. In order to determine how this blockage occurred, it is important to determine the cause.

Determining the cause is crucial in terms of safety-oriented system maintenance. We then offer our customers a silo repair service directly on site. We can repair silos quickly and cost-effectively using the TIG/MAG process.

Our teams for cement silo systems consist not only of supervising industrial climbers but also of fitters and welders. With this team constellation, we guarantee our customers a fast and problem-reduced operation, even in the event of an accident.

Welding on the rope is no problem for our fitters and welding technicians. Backups for this difficult task are the respective ready-to-use safety posts. The damaged areas were completely repaired by us within a few hours.

The customer will have peace of mind for a few years. We carried out the entire 18 meter silo cell with a diameter of 4 meters in a three-man team in one day. As always, the customer was very pleased with our commitment.

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