Silo cleaning Plastic silo cleaning of a PTET silo system

Silo cleaning Plastic silo cleaning of a PTET silo system

Silo interior cleaning and silo cleaning also includes a comprehensive silo interior inspection with subsequent data recording.

Silo cleaning is always carried out by well-functioning teams. These teams consist of experienced technicians.

As we have had a strong presence in the plastics industry for many years, our experience in silo cleaning is considerable and valuable for our customers. Due to these recurring and sometimes catastrophic work accidents, we have made it our mission to offer a comprehensive, safe and reproducible service. We also advise many companies on this subject. Based on our field of activity and our references, we can rightly claim to be the safest company for this service. As every reported fatal accident at work shakes us to the core, we have had an occupational safety video produced, which further underlines our core competence in occupational safety.

Massive build-ups of various bulk solids are no problem for our teams of technicians and can be safely resolved at any time.

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