Silo sandblasting technology without scaffolding

Silo sandblasting technology without scaffolding

Silo sandblasting technology – ferrite-free sandblasting without scaffolding or additional fixtures – fast, appropriate and reasonably priced.

Our sandblasting technology in combination with silo access technology guarantees our customers sandblasting at great heights or depths, completely scaffold-free, quickly and at a reasonable price. In terms of access technology, we are able to blast large tank and silo systems without scaffolding. The reasons for ferrite-free blasting can be manifold for the plant operator. Various blasting media are used either to remove coatings or to remove stubborn deposits. However, the blasting medium is always adapted to the silo or container wall, not the contamination.

This ensures that no damage to the container will occur. Our safety and rescue concept is set out in writing, audited and regularly tested for applicability in various training sessions. We guarantee a rescue within 50-70 seconds at a height of 15-20 meters. Our emergency technician also has an emergency breathing system, this redundancy ensures that our technicians can concentrate on their work and are not tormented by fear. In comparison, a rescue of scaffolding workers in the CSE area is much more difficult to realize and takes much longer in any case. There is therefore no question that our deployment technology is a safe alternative to scaffolding in any case.

Our blasting technicians have a permanent radio link to the safety and rescue post. The entire operations team is integrated into this radio link so that they can react quickly and effectively in the event of technical difficulties, which very rarely occur. Did you know that sandblasting on a rope has a higher surface performance than with scaffolding? In fact, the higher area performance is due to the fact that the silo and container wall is available to the technician as a whole without any cutting scaffolding planks or similar installations.

The access route can also reach every area of a silo system measuring 20×5 meters via horizontal work paths. Larger systems must be tested in practice for accessibility by means of an operational test.

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Matthias Natusch

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