Blast cleaning to remove silo blockages Silo cleaning

Blast cleaning to remove silo blockages Silo cleaning

Spray application in a filter dust silo system for removing blockages from a silo discharge closure

The job at hand required our specialists to be extremely tactful.
In many cases, blast cleaning is a tried and tested method of removing the most stubborn dirt or clearing a silo blockage caused by accumulated material. The right balance
between effective use and protection of the inner walls of the silo requires know-how and the experience of well-trained employees.

Conditions on site on the day of use:

Summer temperatures prevailed at the site and it was dry. This provided our experts with pleasant conditions for the upcoming assignment.

What was our mission?

The primary goal was to break up an 80 cubic meter material lock in a 250 cubic meter silo. This meant that around a third of the silo system’s capacity was
affected by the blockage. When we were awarded the contract, the plant operator asked us to act promptly. The aim was to minimize the downtime of the silo system.

How was the order carried out by our employees?

Our partner company Sprengtechnik Berge is always on board for silo cleaning jobs that are carried out as high-risk blast cleaning operations. The company’s specialists
have over 40 years of experience in the field of borehole blasting. The employees routinely notify the authorities and register the blasting work for the day of the operation.

Safety is the measure of all things when it comes to blast cleaning. Therefore, the analysis and calculation of the required type of blasting and its technological implementation must be determined precisely. This is where CAD
helps with the implementation of all upcoming work. The interior of the silo was reached using our rope access technology, which has been tried and tested thousands of times.

As documented in the previously defined rescue concept, the working position was routinely assumed by our expert. Drill hole applications were placed in the material causing the closure.
material causing the closure. The explosives were then positioned using electrical, ambivalent detonation. A total of 19 blast holes were drilled 25 centimetres apart
centimeters apart in the material to be removed. The blasting time offset for the individual charges installed was 8 milliseconds. Exactly as predetermined by the blasting master, the blasting material deflagration between the blast holes took place as expected and efficiently. As a result, our blasting objective was successfully achieved on the very first day.

What is special about blast cleaning?

Blasting technology may only be used as part of silo cleaning for bulk materials that are not subject to special quality and hygiene requirements. It is very effective and represents
an inexpensive alternative to conventional methods of silo cleaning. Blast cleaning is used for contamination in coal-fired power stations, waste incineration or chemical plants.

The pressure wave triggered by the targeted and precisely calculated blasting removes material deposits from the silo system:

  • Material deposits
  • dirt
  • fine dust
  • blockages or obstructions

reliably and without leaving any residue. The system is ready for use again immediately after blast cleaning. In special cases, only a temporary interruption to operation is required. Even
blast cleaning during normal operation of the silo system has already been carried out flawlessly by our experts. Dealing with explosives requires know-how, a steady hand on the part of the
specialist’s steady hand and a great deal of experience. Our employees and the experts from our partner company Sprengtechnik Berge have all these qualities.

What was relevant in terms of safety during the work?

During the entire operation, all specifications from the safety concept, which is drawn up in advance of every operation, were adhered to and implemented as planned. At no time was there
danger to the people involved in the operation at any time!

What special features were noteworthy during the operation?

It was an exact blast cleaning, as described in the picture book. The deliberately delayed explosions succeeded in pulverizing the stuck substance in the silo. The result was a
massive sliding of the accumulated material without damaging the silo system. The result of this working day was a completely successful job and a very satisfied customer.

We would also be happy to offer your company the benefits of our cleaning technology. Why not arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with our experts today? We look forward to hearing from you.

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