Successful blasting technology for silo cleaning and loosening of clinker silo discharge areas

Successful blasting technology for silo cleaning and loosening of clinker silo discharge areas

On 27.04.2023, NT Service GmbH was deployed to gently blast open the blocked outlet areas of several clinker silo systems without causing any damage. The clinker silo outlet areas were heavily blocked by large chunks of material and could not be opened using conventional methods. For this reason, the experienced team from NT Service GmbH decided to use blasting agents to loosen the material and restore the flow.

A comprehensive safety and hazard analysis was carried out in advance to ensure that the blasting was absolutely safe for people and materials. Using state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified specialists, NT Service GmbH succeeded in restoring four different run-off zones to a flowable state in one day, which would most likely have taken a whole week using conventional means.

The job went smoothly and everyone involved and the material remained undamaged. NT Service GmbH has once again proven that it is the ideal partner for intelligent blasting measures for loosening up bulk material and loosening up blockages. As a competent blasting company for all inorganic bulk materials that are not subject to ATEX restrictions, NT Service GmbH offers the highest safety standards and a high level of efficiency.

Legal: Before the blasting work began, all necessary permits and official requirements were obtained and all safety precautions were taken to ensure a safe operation. NT Service GmbH is liable for all damage caused by the operation.

When using blasting technology to clean plant and machinery, certain legal regulations and provisions must be observed. Occupational health and safety plays a particularly important role here. The use of explosives can be associated with considerable dangers, which is why special safety precautions must be taken.

First of all, the employees who are entrusted with carrying out the blasting work must have the appropriate training and qualifications. In addition, all safety requirements laid down in the relevant regulations and ordinances must be complied with. These include, for example, the Explosives Ordinance (SprengV) and the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV).

Suitable protective measures must be taken to ensure the safety of employees during blasting operations. These include, for example, the use of personal protective equipment such as helmets, safety shoes and hearing protection, as well as securing the work area against unauthorized access.

Fig. 1 – Marking the safety area for blasting measures

It is also important that the blasting technique is carried out by an expert who is experienced in carrying out blasting work. Improper execution of the blasting technique can not only result in damage to the facility, but also injury to employees and others in the area.

Overall, it is of great importance that all legal requirements and safety regulations are followed when carrying out blast cleaning of plant and machinery to ensure a safe and successful operation.

When blast cleaning silos and other facilities, particularly with regard to occupational health and safety, it is crucial that metrological equipment is also used. This includes, for example, gas measurement technology to measure nitrogen dioxide (NO2) or vibration measurements to record shocks and vibrations during blasting. In addition, noise measurements (DB measurements) can also be carried out in order to record the noise pollution for the surrounding area and, if necessary, to take suitable protective measures.

An experienced and qualified blasting expert plays an important role in this context. He is responsible for the professional planning, execution and monitoring of the blasting and is therefore also responsible for occupational safety and compliance with all legal regulations. He is able to recognize the dangers and risks of blasting and take appropriate protective measures to protect people and the environment.

It is therefore essential that companies wishing to carry out blast cleaning only use qualified and experienced blasters. They should have comprehensive knowledge of blasting technology and a sound understanding of the legal requirements and regulations. This is the only way to ensure that blast cleaning is carried out safely and effectively and that everyone involved remains unharmed.

Fig. 2 – Material removal area recorded by blasting technology

NT Service GmbH is your reliable partner for intelligent blasting measures for bulk material loosening and cap loosening. We offer the highest safety standards and a high level of efficiency to successfully implement even the most demanding projects.

With our experienced and well-trained team of specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, we focus on damage-free and gentle blasting. Convince yourself of our services and let us successfully implement your next project together.

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