Inspection, cleaning and disinfection, QA analysis of milk powder silo systems

Inspection, cleaning and disinfection, QA analysis of milk powder silo systems

Hygiene is an important prerequisite for health. The BfR pays particular attention to pathogens in food, which can pose a health risk if hygiene is poor, as well as germs that can spoil food.

Food hygiene is primarily the responsibility of companies that process, produce, handle or market food. Clean work surfaces and tools, employees’ own physical hygiene and the selection of flawless raw materials for the manufacture of the various products are particularly important.

Preventing food infections through hygiene

Hygiene refers to all measures that prevent the spoilage of food products, help prevent the transmission of infectious diseases or reduce consumer exposure to residues and harmful substances. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, for example, serve to reduce contamination with microorganisms.

As many foods are an ideal breeding ground for Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites they are subject to particularly high hygiene requirements.

Our teams for the food industry consist exclusively of state-certified food technicians / IFS auditors and state-certified disinfectors. Our customers are delighted to have such strong expertise bundled in one company.

We recently worked for a large production company for milk powder. Anyone who is familiar with this product knows that safe and QS-compliant handling is not easy. Our focus in the technical implementation is on storage stability and contamination-free raw material storage and transportation.

Our hygiene inspectors check, clean and disinfect the respective silo interiors in accordance with IFS and GMP standards.

After execution, the success of the work is checked quantitatively and qualitatively using special technical aids.

Our focus is on safe access routes in the elevated tank and silo facility. Safe handling in the hygiene area is a basic requirement for us.

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