Sandblasting technology in silo systems: rope access positioning and wear protection application for a longer service life

Sandblasting technology in silo systems: rope access positioning and wear protection application for a longer service life

Sandblasting technology in silo systems

Rope access positioning and additional application of wear protection
Cleaning silo systems is essential to extend their service life. The professional method of sandblasting has proven its worth here. Our specialists use rope access technology to reach the inside of the silo. The free-swinging rope replaces complex scaffolding structures and enables precise work in the desired areas. In some cases, further work steps are required in addition to cleaning.

We were commissioned to clean a bulk material storage facility for sand and gravel and to apply a high-quality wear protection application to several discharge hoppers. Due to the daily discharge of the bulk material through the relatively narrow discharge hopper of the silo system, the surfaces are subjected to extreme abrasion. The wear protection application should therefore serve to extend the service life of the system.

First, we cleaned the silo system thoroughly using sandblasting technology. We used ferrite-free sand to avoid damaging the silo walls. Our experts then checked the wall thickness to determine any deviations between the target and actual values. After cleaning the silo, we applied a high-quality wear protection application to several discharge hoppers of the silo system. As these areas are permanently exposed to high levels of wear, the work was particularly demanding for our employees, who work suspended from the rope. No residual material was allowed to remain on the sandblasted surface before the wear protection was applied. In addition, the product to be applied had to be heated using microwaves before application.

We tested several materials and substances for the wear protection application, but we were not satisfied with the results. We therefore use the Pucest PUR spray solution, which meets the highest quality standards. The wear protection consists of a solvent-free 2-component elastomer that is applied by spraying. It solidifies without tension and develops a mechanical adhesive effect in addition to the chemical adhesion. The surface is dry to the touch after approx. 5 minutes and ready for use after 24 hours (at 20 °C). Multiple application is not a problem.

Wearing protective equipment is mandatory for this type of work. The spray material is stored in cartridges and can be used easily and safely. Our employees are specially trained for this type of work.

Once the work has been completed, the silo system is checked for functionality by our specialists. If necessary, improvements are made and it is ensured that the system can be operated to its full extent and without restrictions.

Wear protection equipment is particularly valuable for the storage of highly abrasive goods, as these materials can damage the storage container in the long term. Wear leads to the formation of cracks, holes or damage to the inner wall of the container, which can lead not only to increased maintenance costs but also to downtime. The use of wear protection can minimize this wear and significantly extend the service life of the storage containers. The wear protection equipment can be tailored to the specific requirements of the respective bearing in order to achieve optimum results.

One example of this would be the use of ceramic materials as wear protection. Ceramic coatings are known for their extreme hardness and abrasion resistance. These properties make them an ideal choice for the protection of storage tanks, silos and other equipment that is exposed to high loads. With such equipment, plant operators can make huge savings on maintenance costs and minimize downtime.

What are the advantages of sandblasting technology in silo systems?

Cleaning silo systems using sandblasting technology offers a number of advantages over conventional methods. The use of sandblasting technology effectively removes soiling, dirt deposits, incrustations and impurities in the silo. This achieves thorough and gentle cleaning of the surfaces without damaging the silo walls.

The use of rope access technology enables precise working methods and eliminates the need for complex scaffolding constructions. This saves time and money.
The application of high-quality wear protection offers an effective solution for protecting surfaces that are exposed to abrasive material. This significantly extends the service life of the silo system and avoids expensive repair work.

By using sandblasting technology for silo cleaning, plant operators can expect enormous time savings for their plants. Silo sandblasting enables thorough cleaning of the silo walls without the need to erect scaffolding. This method allows the plant operator to speed up the process and minimize plant downtimes.

Sandblasting is an effective method for cleaning silos, as it can remove stubborn dirt and deposits from the silo walls. Silo wall sandblasting makes the surface of the silo smooth and clean again, which helps the material in the silo to flow better.

By using sandblasting technology, the system operator can also extend the service life of the systems, as the thorough cleaning allows potential damage to be detected and rectified at an early stage. In addition, sandblasting technology can also be used to clean other systems and equipment, which can lead to further savings and efficiency gains.


Sandblasting technology in silo systems offers an effective and gentle method for cleaning and coating silo walls. The use of rope access technology enables a precise and time-saving method of working. The application of high-quality wear protection offers effective protection against abrasive material and significantly extends the service life of the silo system. Our specialists will be happy to provide you with their expertise and experience and advise you on all aspects of silo cleaning using sandblasting technology and wear protection application.

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