Work sample sandblasting technology for decoating an aluminum silo system

Work sample sandblasting technology for decoating an aluminum silo system

Work sample for quotation sandblasting technology

A professional user often requires a work sample to prepare a quotation. This work sample ensures a smooth process and technically flawless execution of the job. The work sample is also very important for costing purposes. Precise calculation of consumables is just as important for the client as it is for the user. All parties want the best price and the best cost/benefit ratio. The work test also serves to determine whether the planned degree of preparation can be achieved without any problems and how this can be determined in relation to the order. Most coating systems require a sandblasting preparation level of 2 ½. This preparation level reflects the following properties: Sa 2 ½ remaining traces are at most recognizable as light, blotchy or streaky shading. Surface is free of oil and grease.

For this application, we must also produce a degree of preparation of 2 ½, as the silo system is recoated using a thermal coating application process after blasting.

What is interesting for the client is that we do not need any scaffolding or similar equipment to ensure smooth order processing. We routinely carry out sandblasting using rope work technology. Our trained personnel are equipped with special equipment that ensures safe sandblasting on the rope in advance. We provide our customers with comprehensive safety documentation and CSE risk analysis, including detailed rescue planning.

The application of sandblasting technology and airless coating is just as easy for our teams to use as normal silo interior cleaning. Our teams also consist of experienced technicians and foremen and can guarantee you a flawless execution of the job.

But now to the work sample:

To create a residue-free silo interior surface, the old coating must be removed gently but effectively. Gentle, because the silo is an aluminum silo and therefore very susceptible to abrasive blasting techniques. Blasting with abrasive corundum is therefore not possible. Together with our blasting material partner Eurorubber, we used several blasting materials during our work trial in order to select the best and most effective blasting material for our job. The choice of blasting material is crucial to the smooth running of the project. As aluminum silo systems are not insensitive to blasting materials and chemical-crystalline salting out and reactions are quite likely, the blasting material must be adapted to this situation and selected correctly.

After determining the blasting pressure and the flow rate, the area performance is determined. As a Refa working system designer, the surface calculation performance can be calculated very precisely under realistic operating conditions and forms the basis for a flawless quotation.

The performance of the sandblasting technology in the CSE area (silo / bulk material storage) and on the rope includes a number of hazards, which have been made almost improbable by our many years of experience through various system-relevant redundancies.

This assurance makes us very independent and flexible in terms of price compared to competitors who have to work on a silo with scaffolding.

As we can safely reach every work area with our sandblasting technology, we are also very attractive for our clients in terms of time requirements.

Once the surface has been processed in accordance with the specifications, a sample is taken and the interior is cleaned. After this process, the silo system is prepared for internal coating using the airless process. The thermodynamic or cold high-pressure airless process is the best application method for coating a silo. We only use SIKA products for coating silo interiors. These products guarantee a high level of stability and product quality.

Our work trial went as planned and was very informative. Our customer will receive a clean and very conclusive offer from us. This offer will contain safety-dynamic and application-relevant details, which will guarantee traceability at all times, even to third parties.

We are satisfied with our work sample and look forward to this order.

Of course, we will then present our dear readers with a corresponding sequel to this article.

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