Master company for silo cleaning, blast cleaning and access technology

Master company for silo cleaning, blast cleaning and access technology

For thorough and absolutely residue-free silo cleaning, the option of blast cleaning has become increasingly popular in the recent past.

The term makes it clear that the inner walls of the silo are cleaned of any grit and dirt by means of targeted blasting. Blast cleaning is one of several silo cleaning services offered by NT Service GmbH. This type of cleaning requires a high level of expertise, first-class training of the personnel and many years of experience in all aspects of silo cleaning. Often, blast cleaning is the very last option for achieving the desired or urgently required cleaning result. It is crucial that the silo as such is not damaged by the blast cleaning – keyword: public liability insurance.

Silo cleaning – high silos from industry to agriculture

Silos are large-scale storage facilities for bulk goods. Common and widely used silos are the flat silo and the high silo. Common designs include round, rectangular and octagonal silos. Examples of bulk materials stored in silos are grain or fodder in agriculture and cement, plastic granules or limestone powder as sedimentary rock in industry.

This rather limited selection of bulk materials makes it clear how individually each individual silo cleaning must be designed. It certainly makes a difference whether the grain silo or a cement silo is being cleaned. With every silo cleaning, the focus is on avoiding negative influences on the silo contents caused by residues, adhesions or product residues. To prepare for this, the silo must be completely emptied.

Efficiency and time savings with blast cleaning with dosed pressure wave

The larger the silo, the more efficient the blast cleaning of the silo. The explosive charge prepared by our team of blasting experts is inserted into the silo using thin aluminum tubes. The detonation cable runs directly through the pipe to prevent it from being damaged. The explosive is cooled during insertion into the pipes – this prevents uncontrolled ignition. If everything is positioned correctly and as intended, the explosion is initiated with an electrical pulse. This explosion triggers a controlled pressure wave, causing the deposits to be detached from the inner walls of the silo. This type of blast cleaning is carried out exclusively by experienced and certified specialists.

Wide range of silo cleaning services

We offer our agricultural, commercial and industrial customers individualized silo cleaning services tailored to their needs. Vacuum suction technology, for example, is one of the more advanced methods of silo cleaning. The silo is vacuumed out down to the last residue – keyword: silo for contents such as flour, salt, animal feed or lignite.

In the majority of cases, silos are cleaned using rope access technology. Here, work is carried out in accordance with the specifications of the FISAT (Fach- und Interessenverband für seilunterstützte Arbeitstechniken).

For example, storage silos for bulk materials such as potash, plastics and binding agents, chemicals or raw material products for the food industry are cleaned.

In many cases, the basis for silo cleaning and blast cleaning is the maintenance contract with the associated specifications. With a maintenance contract in place, silo owners and operators have nothing to worry about. We schedule the regular silo cleaning and carry it out automatically.

About NT Services GmbH

NT Service GmbH is managed by the two company founders and managing partners Matthias Natusch and Rico Thiedemann. The specialist company based in Heinersdorf, Brandenburg, was founded in 2010 as a civil-law partnership. Since then, the team has been offering complex cleaning solutions from a single source under one roof with a wide range of certified qualifications and state-of-the-art technology.

The portfolio is divided into the business areas of silo and tank cleaning, sandblasting, ventilation and air conditioning cleaning, vacuum technology and ATEX work. The qualified team includes technical specialists, rope access technicians and master building cleaners as well as qualified specialists for gas warning devices I and II.

The company motto is: Safe with safety!

Heinersdorf [Brandenburg], May 2022

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