Efficient and safe silo cleaning with blasting technology

Efficient and safe silo cleaning with blasting technology

Silos are used as storage facilities in various industries and must be cleaned and inspected regularly due to increased quality requirements. Due to the large number of different silos and the complicated access, professional cleaning companies are often commissioned to clean them.

They are constantly developing new methods and techniques for cleaning silos to ensure that silos are not only cleaned thoroughly but also quickly. This also includes the use of explosives.

Why is silo cleaning important for many companies?

Silos should always be kept clean, so they need to be cleaned frequently before refilling. For the company, this not only meant the task of repairing and cleaning the silo itself, but also a planning challenge.

challenge, whether the silo could be emptied for cleaning or temporarily not used. This issue is therefore important for many German companies, and companies in neighboring countries are also affected by this problem.

Therefore, new and more efficient silo cleaning methods are always welcome if they can lead to the silo being emptied for cleaning in a short time. For which industries is this particularly relevant? Nowadays, silos are used in various industries where bulk materials need to be stored efficiently. In the construction industry, for example, cement or limestone powder can be stored in them.

In agriculture, silos are often used to store grain and animal feed, and in the There are many applications in the food industry  For silo cleaning and inspection, however, blasting is generally not carried out in these facilities. Last but not least, silos are often used in the chemical industry to store different raw materials.

Regular silo maintenance and cleaning is very important for all these industries. It goes without saying that particularly strict hygiene regulations apply to all silos in which food is stored.

For this reason, blasting technology is only used for bulk goods that do not have any special hygiene or quality requirements. As emission-free material is not normally used in blasting technology, blasting technology / blast cleaning is only used in special cases and only under certain conditions.

Why are explosives technologies being used more and more frequently?

A number of professionally qualified companies now offer silo blast cleaning, which can prove to be very effective in many cases. This type of silo cleaning is often used to remove sediment or material bridges in the silo that are difficult to remove by other means. Access to the silo is very limited and usually only possible by rope. Therefore, very solid deposits can become a problem that is best tackled with sandblasting techniques. This is why companies are increasingly turning to cleaning specialists to provide this solution.

How is this done? What is important during implementation?

In blasting technology, legally recognized explosives are used and carefully calculated and applied by experts. First, a hole containing explosives is drilled into the sediment. Before blasting, a precise site survey must be carried out.

be carried out. Therefore, such tasks should only be  von technisch qualifiziertem Personal durchgeführt 

be. What dangers could be lurking here and why is occupational safety a priority? Cleaning silos is always associated with particular risks, as the person carrying out the cleaning

person carrying out the cleaning must have access to the silo. If an explosive charge is to be set, the explosion usually creates other hazards. It is therefore important to have a precise safety plan before a silo cleaning so that any problems that may arise during the cleaning process can be dealt with quickly and safely. in conclusion Companies that operate silos for the storage of bulk materials in Germany are constantly faced with the problem of efficient cleaning.

Blasting technology offers an excellent way of removing heavy deposits from the silo.


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